A New Season and Back on Radio

Thanks for all the nice comments regarding our Television Broadcasts over the last 17 years. Scott Moore, Ed Hall and Gord Cutler from Sportsnet have decided to go in a different direction this year after spending over 2 Billion dollars for the Television rights from the NHL. Jim Ralph and I will be now exclusively be heard on radio with the Leaf games being split between 590 The Fan and TSN 1050 and the Maple Leaf Radio Network around Ontario. It was great working with Harry Neale and then Greg Millen over the years and all of the great technical guys and gals who worked so hard behind the scene and the cameras. Tomorrow night I do my 2,885th Leafs game as the Boys in Blue host the Montreal Canadiens. I am very proud of this mark as hockey historian Paul Patscoe researched Foster Hewitt’s numbers and found he had done 1,888 over his 41 years behind the microphone.¬†Looking forward to a great season and some playoff action in the spring